About Us

The Pool Connect offers personalized service in a friendly environment. Our mission is to keep your pool clean and well-maintained. Additionally, we provide new construction, renovations and equipment repairs and upgrades.

We provide the highest quality on-site swimming pool services, such as pool cleaning and ongoing pool maintenance. The services we provide are tailored to fit the needs of both residential and commercial clients! Whether the project is residential or commercial, our repair specialists are qualified to manage it.

Our Services

  • Plaster trucks
  • Plaster finishers
  • Steel guys
  • Tile guys
  • Masonry
  • Demo
  • Repairs
  • Pool service
  • Shot Crete / Gunite
  • Landscape
  • Plumbers / electrical
  • 3D Pool Plans
  • Tile cleaning

How it works

The Pool Connect is a mobile marketplace for local Pools services and Masonry services. On a single marketplace, We help Pool Owners to connect Contractors and also, contractors to hire trusted professionals Subcontractor for all their service needs. The Pool Connect Company provides Pool services which consist of Cleaning and Maintenance, Pool Repair, Water, and Chemicals. Be it getting a plumbing job done, masonry jobs, and many more.

What We Offer

We are a mobile marketplace connecting Pool owners to Contractors & Contractors to Subcontractor for the pool trade service and swimming pool industry. The Pool Connect provides access to excavation, steel, plumbers, masonry, plaster trucks, demolitions, plaster finishers, shotcrete/gunite, tile setter, 3D pool plans, landscapers, pool service, and repairs.

Robust Customer Profiles

The Pool Connect is a fully developed application developed specifically to support pool care service businesses. Every user on the app has a clean and clear profile of detailed information such as pool equipment, service history, masonry service, repairs, and more to help your technicians provide competent, tailored services to your contractors.

Find Nearby Users

The Pool Connect can even help your field team scout out new prospects. The Search Nearby feature offers The Pool Connect client recommendations based on their location and requirements.

Easy to Use

The Pool Connect is a user-friendly and immediately accessible online application available all over the USA. The Pool Connect is quick and easy to set up and downloadable with your Android/iOS mobile devices.

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