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Welcome to The Pool Connect App, your premier platform for connecting homeowners with the best pool contractors. Our mission is to simplify the process of finding top-rated pool professionals and streamline the hiring of subcontractors for all your pool-related needs.

Through our app, homeowners can easily discover and hire experienced pool contractors for projects ranging from new pool construction and renovations to repairs and upgrades. Once a contractor is selected, they can post job listings, allowing qualified subcontractors to apply and assist with the project.

At The Pool Connect App, we are dedicated to ensuring that every pool project is handled by skilled professionals, delivering exceptional quality and service. Whether you are a homeowner seeking the best contractor or a subcontractor looking for new opportunities, The Pool Connect App is your go-to resource for all things pool-related.

Our Services

  • Plaster trucks
  • Plaster finishers
  • Steel guys
  • Tile guys
  • Masonry
  • Demo
  • Repairs
  • Pool service
  • Shot Crete / Gunite
  • Landscape
  • Plumbers / electrical
  • 3D Pool Plans
  • Tile cleaning

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